Is it networking season? It seems like that is all I’ve been doing lately

I’ve also been hearing from a lot of people wondering how to get started with this little game of Connect-the-Dots

Whether you’re in sales, seeking a new job, looking for other consultants to collaborate with or trying to get started on your own – GET IN THE GAME!

Here are some tips and benefits:

  1. You never know who knows who, who knows who
    Job hunting? Relocating? Reach out to everyone. Everyone. Find your friends’ cousin’s brother’s old boss who you’ve never met and get introduced. Find networking events in your area, bring some DIY business cards and get out there. If you’re in sales, I’ll bet you are on the hook for bringing in fresh customers. Getting in front of new people will grow that list of accounts for yourself.Before I relocated, I knew one person in Atlanta. ONE. They couldn’t be further removed from my industry. I began going through my brain-rolodex (since I just dated myself to some of you post-rolodex-timers, you can find the definition here) of contacts from my 8-9yrs of professional life and started building a list.Speaking of lists…
  2. Starting (or currently running) a business? This is how you do it.
    Whether you’re a veteran in the industry or not, you will want to build out your organic list of contacts. Not only do you want an organic list for marketing your business, but you will need this to keep track of everyone you’re talking to right now. Believe me, it can turn into a fancy spider web very quickly!In the spirit of building the organic list, feel free to forward this blog post around and encourage your colleagues to sign up for my newsletter ?One more thing about lists for all the marketers and business owners out there…
  3. This is how you avoid getting your domain blacklisted.
    If you’re not in the email marketing world, then you may not be aware of the latest and greatest SPAM and GDPR Laws. If you have a business or work for a company, build your list organically. Do not rely on purchased lists, outdated or unknown contacts that have been in the system for years.We job hop more than ever these days, which raises the risk of contacts being invalid. Hit these invalid contacts enough, then you risk your email domain getting blacklisted. A good practice is to always check your list with an email validation tool like Neverbounce or Kickbox to generate a clean list.But I digress…
  1. Expose yourself.
    (I heard it)
    Networking can be mentally exhausting. After so many events and speaking with so many people, it’s easy to get confused or maybe even discouraged if you do not see instant results. We get it.Just remember, you can email people all day long, but and in-person meeting puts a random name to a specific face. You may not remember everyone you speak to, but they may remember you. It could be instantly, or within a year from now.Regardless, getting out there and putting your face and information in front of people is the most important task you can check off your list. You’re 100% organic list.

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