It’s been almost 5 years since I started my own business and I have just written my first blog post and email marketing blast

Even typing that out is rough

I always knew I’d have my own business. It’s in my blood. I love helping people realize that they can do so much more with their businesses through nerdy technology platforms and a solid nurture strategy.

However, when you are a one-woman show with a healthy number of customers (a-men!), the priority is definitely not your own business. Sure, I have my website with my services up, but it could be better, and I could promote it more, but it’s there and gets my point across. Email communication? None. Nada. Not ONE email to past or current prospects or customers. Until now.

My own web-to-lead-to-customer strategy? Nope, nothing. Again, not at all proud of this and actually a little embarrassed to admit it! But that girl in the picture shows the truth – happy to work on organizing client needs but super stressed when it comes to my own business requirements.

I’ve been able to learn about so many industries through my awesome clients. I get zoned in on what they need and do my best to make sure they are set up for success. I go through the year learning about the latest features of Pardot and other ESP’s to make sure my knowledge is well-rounded and up to date. Salesforce and Pardot do a lovely job of reminding me when my certifications are about to expire and what new features are coming out – really lights a fire to get learning! When someone asks me if I’ve used a certain platform and I haven’t, let me in, I need to know! All so that I can provide the best knowledge I can…for everyone else.

So, why am I sharing this? Eh, why not. I want other business owners out there to know that they aren’t alone and I’m here to help if you need any tips on how to survive or get your business off the ground (Tip 1: find an amazing assistant like I finally did). More than that, I hope to share all of my insight on what marketing automation tools have helped and what can be tossed to the side. You’d be surprised at how much the smallest features can make the biggest difference.

We’re about to head into a new decade – let’s kick it into high gear!
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Phew! Okay, I did it. I finally got my blog posted and email blast done after 4.5 years of it being on my to-do list…and so what if it’s the week before Christmas! ?

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