We need to do what we can to automate life to make things a little easier

I don’t know about you, but we could all use a bit of a break!

This is not a very relaxing time in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown all of us for a pretty big loop and we are still trying to figure out how to adjust to this new reality. Some of us are taking the opportunity to slow down, some are experiencing higher stress levels, and some are using this time to grow.

All valid.

Many companies are still open for business and still holding the same goals to be accomplished. Even if those goals are adjusted, they are still goals that need to be reached. This applies to all of us small business owners too. We don’t slow down either.


With all of the recent changes, it is tough to focus. Now that we are working at home, we have other distractions that may not have existed before. Some are home with children and now have to not only find entertainment for them, but also be teachers (I could never understand the new math these kids are doing today – may the force be with you all)!

This means everyone’s time may be limited versus working their normal workday. Automation isn’t anything new, but this may be the first time in a long time that we appreciate it all over again. Now is the time to go and automate everything you possibly can. This is where the beauty of technology comes in big!

  • Website form responses: Are people trying to reach out to with more questions than ever and you are handling this directly? STOP! There’s automation for that.
  • Lead Assignments: Importing and exporting and filtering with spreadsheets? STOP. There’s automation for that.
  • Email schedule: If you have daily, weekly, bi-weekly emails that you send manually. STOP. There’s automation for that.
  • Documents or contracts that still need to get out? You guessed it…

You can make your life much easier during this crazy time. There are plenty of tools to do this and maybe you have them already and simply didn’t realize how to use the features. Or maybe you are starting over and don’t know where to begin. These automation tools come in all shapes and prices (Pardot vs. Mailchimp anyone?) that will work for you and your business goals. It can be done!!

Also, if you are in that stressed out category we mentioned before? Just remember, you have the toilet paper!!

Feel free to reach out to me directly at any time – I might be able to even spare a square!

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